Meet our Board Members

WHEFA is consists of seven members. The governor, lieutenant governor, chair of the student achievement council or the chair's designee, and four public members, one of whom shall be the president of a higher education institution at the time of appointment. The public members shall be residents of the state and appointed by the governor, subject to confirmation by the senate, on the basis of their interest or expertise in the provision of higher education and the financing of higher education. The public members of the authority shall serve for terms of four years. The initial terms of the public members shall be staggered in a manner determined by the governor.

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Chair, Ex-Officio Member

Governor of Washington

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Ex-Officio Member

Executive Director,

WA Student Achievement Council

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Public Member

Board Treasurer

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Governor's Designee

Director, Office of the Financial Management

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Public Member

University President,

Pacific Lutheran University

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Public Member

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Ex-Officio Member

Lieutenant Governor of Washington


Public Member

Board Secretary